Be Aware of Fake Fraud Center Scam Calls and Text Messages:

The MLFCU wants to remind you to never give your personal/security information to anyone. We have been made aware of a telephone and text scam.  Scammers, impersonating Fraud Prevention Departments, are calling cardholders and attempting to deceive them into believing their card has been compromised. The caller asks for personal information, including a phone number. Once they have that information, the scammer informs the cardholder that they are sending a verification code via text and will ask for that fake code along with additional information. Now the scammer has enough information to attempt to take over that cardholders account. In addition, the caller encourages the cardholder to ignore any ongoing fraud alerts texts or calls they get regarding the account. These alerts that are being ignored are from the actual Fraud Center, concerned about what they are seeing on the account.

Remember, you are your own best defense against fraud. NEVER give out personal information.  A legitimate Fraud Center will NEVER ask you to give them your information or to ignore alert messages.  Instead you will receive a text or call verifying a specific purchase, whether you made that purchase or not.  Depending on your answer, you will be prompted as to what action to take if any.  When in doubt call MLFCU for assistance.