ALERT: Fraudulent Texts and Calls Circulating

Mountain Laurel Federal Credit Union has received reports of a scam where a member received a call from fraudsters impersonating CUNA Mutual. The fraudster may ask you for information related to your personal information, card, online and mobile banking credentials, or account information. This is a scam designed by fraudsters to convince you to share your most sensitive account information. Be assured, Mountain Laurel Federal Credit Union or CUNA Mutual will never ask you to provide your account number, log-in credentials, your full card number and expiration, CVV code, or PIN. Do not respond to these texts or calls


If you receive a suspicious call or text and are unsure of the sender’s validity, hang up and contact MLFCU directly at 1-814-834-9518 or contact your local branch. If you feel you have been a victim of fraud, or if you identify fraudulent transactions on your account, notify us immediately so we can take action. For more information about how to recognize and avoid financial scams, visit the Federal Communications Commission website here.‪