A letter to our Members during these troubling times..

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Attention friends, family, and anyone who uses a financial institution.

Lobbies are closed. Drive thru is open. Curbside banking is available. Phones are up and running. With the incoming flood of stimulus checks being deposited or checks being mailed, it’s about to get real hectic for us. Please, for the love of all that is holy, be patient. No, we don’t know the exact date when each and every …person will get their money from stimulus. No, we don’t know why this person got theirs and you haven’t gotten yours. Please don’t get upset when the drive thru is packed or the phone is busy. We understand it’s frustrating but we are doing the best that we can. We are an essential business because let’s face it, everyone uses a bank or credit union. We are on the front line, dealing with some of the most dirty and germ ridden objects in the world. Taking every precaution we can. Please! Wash your hands!! Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough!!! Stay home if you aren’t feeling well. We are now requiring members to wear a mask or some type of facial covering if you need to visit the lobby. Make good use of the online services we provide to avoid the use of cash as much as possible. Do your part to stop the spread of illness. USE COMMON SENSE!! We will always try to provide for our members to the best of our ability but we can only do so if we all fight this battle and win by doing our part. So again, be PATIENT! Its hard for us too.
~ Thank you!
From your local financial institution workers. We got this! 💚💚